If you've decided to invest in a power wheelchair, now's the time to learn about proper maintenance. With proper maintenance, your power wheelchair will last you for many years. If you're not sure how to care for a power wheelchair, the tips provided below will give you the instructions you need.

Plan for Weekly Maintenance

If you want to keep your power wheelchair up and running, the best thing you can do is start a weekly maintenance routine. Weekly maintenance check-ups will let you catch problems before they take your power wheelchair out of commission. During weekly maintenance, be sure to give your power wheelchair a thorough cleaning. Pay close attention to the seat, backrest, and footwells. It's also important that you check for loose wires. If you find problems, be sure to take your power wheelchair in for service.

Keep the Battery Charged

Now that you'll be using a power wheelchair, you want to make sure that you don't lose power. This is especially important when you're away from home with your power wheelchair. One of the easiest ways to maintain power is to keep the battery fully charged. You can do that by plugging your chair in each night before you retire for the evening. It's also a good idea to carry a fully charged backup battery on your wheelchair. That way, you have power should something go wrong with your primary battery.

Prevent Water Damage

When you use your power wheelchair outdoors, you can expect it to get a bit wet from time to time. The trick is to dry your wheelchair off as fast as you can. This is especially important for electronic components. If you're outside during a rainstorm, try to cover the electronic components. Once you get to a dry location, dry your power wheelchair off as much as you can. Also, be sure to store your power wheelchair in a dry location. 

Check the Tyres Daily

Your power wheelchair needs to have its tyres checked on a regular basis. But, you should actually inspect your wheelchair tyres on a daily basis. Pay close attention to the tyre pressure. If the pressure is low, add air before you start your daily activities. You should also check the tread for signs of damage. If the tyres on your power wheelchair show signs of damage, they should be replaced right away. 

Don't take chances with your new power wheelchair. Use the tips provided here to keep your power wheelchair in good running condition.