Arranging for workwear screenprinting can be a potential minefield. There are obvious concerns about the cost of the product and whether the supply of the chosen design is guaranteed in the longer term. Beyond that, that there will be many more subjective concerns. Issues that you must consider include practicality and branding.


Workwear is used to unite your company around a single identity. To make that work everyone must be in the same uniform. The difficulty that many firms experience is that they have people performing a range of jobs within their organisation and it isn't always easy to find a workwear uniform that fits every circumstance. You may have warehouse personnel who must bend and stretch freely while conducting physical work. Meanwhile, some of your staff might be working from home. Each of these roles could make slightly different demands on any workwear you buy.

It is best to trial the proposed uniform across each department. After the trial, ask whether everyone is comfortable wearing it. You may also want to consider whether you need multiple alternative options so that people with different jobs can carry out their tasks with ease.

Identity and branding

Workwear screenprinting is the perfect way to promote a corporate identity. You can produce clothing with your logo, address, or advertising slogan. The workwear will be seen by anyone who enters your premises. It will also be on display if employees visit customer homes and even when they walk to and from work. When viewed in this light, workwear screenprinting gains a new significance. It provides reassurance for customers because they can quickly identify team members and you can promote your brand to a wider audience.

To effectively promote your brand, workwear screenprinting must be done well. Any words used during the screenprinting must be clearly defined and legible. There is no value in printing text that is too small or too blurred to be read from a distance. Any logos or images used in the design should be uncluttered and easy to identify. Workwear screenprinting must be capable of being recognised across the road or in a busy store, nobody wants to squint at a shirt to try to make out the lettering. Think about how the clothing will fit different body shapes and try to place the workwear screenprinting somewhere that isn't obscured or hidden from sight while the wearer is moving around.

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