Even though wood is the old standby when it comes to deck construction, more and more home builders and owners are turning to composite decking as they discover the advantages it can offer compared to traditional wood decking.

Made of wood fibres and recycled plastic, composite wood isn't an all-natural material. However, it can be processed to closely resemble the unique textures, colours, and grain patterns of real wood. Beyond aesthetics, there are several benefits to building a composite over a wood deck.

Read along to find out why a composite deck can be a worthwhile investment in your home.

High-Performance Durability

A quality deck needs to withstand daily exposure to the outdoor elements. While wood decks can last for years when properly cared for, there are several environmental factors that can shorten their lifespan.

One of the greatest advantages of a composite deck over a wooden deck is its long-lasting design. Decks built using composite wood resist splintering, warping, rot, fading, and insect damage. This makes them a suitable choice for homes located in wet or humid climates, as well as homes that have termite activity.

Less Maintenance Hassle

Because they're not susceptible to moisture, water, and UV damage, composite decking doesn't need the occasional painting or staining that wood decks require to keep the elements at bay. Plus, they need less frequent cleaning to keep looking nice throughout the year. These attributes make composite decks the perfect option for homeowners who want to spend more time enjoying their decks and less time maintaining them.

While composite decks generally require less maintenance than their wood cousins, they're not entirely maintenance-free. Occasional cleaning of the decks is required to prevent mould growth and keep them looking beautiful.

Ease of Installation

Unlike the rigid wood planks used in deck construction, composite decking material can be ripped and bent to fit tight spaces. This helps to reduce the amount of time and effort spent installing a new deck. 

Plus, it gives you greater freedom to build your deck exactly the way you want.

While wood remains an excellent choice of material for deck construction purposes, it has its drawbacks. Composite decking has gained a lot of popularity as an alternative to wood decks because it helps overcome some of the disadvantages of wood decking material. Ultimately, the best decking option for your home will depend on your personal preferences, taste, and budget.

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