It can seem hard to choose between a range of strata managers when looking to replace the managers in your building or complex. Here are some questions to ask during the interview process.

Can we see some of the other apartments that you manage?

Some strata managers specialise in large or small buildings or cater to the high-end (or lower end) of the market. By taking a look at some of the other strata groups that they manage you can judge if they have the skills and experience to manage a complex of the budget and size of your strata complex. 

What resources can you dedicate to our complex?

Strata needs tend to ebb and flow through the year. It is often a good idea to choose a strata company that has some flexibility in how they can allocate resources to your complex throughout the year, and the answer to this question can often reveal a lot about how the company manages the competing needs of different complexes. 

How have you faced challenges such as aggressive or unpleasant tenants, undermaintained common property, or other challenges that you have in your building?

Many of the challenges in your complexes will also be shared by other complexes. It can be worth hearing about what measures the strata company has tried in other complexes and hearing about how they have adjusted to challenges. Often one challenge is simply replaced by another but finding a strata agent with a proactive attitude can be a great start to get your building looking and feeling great again.

What programs have you instigated in other strata complexes?

 One of the advantages of using a strata company to manage your needs is that they can build on their broader experience in managing strata issues. This experience can help to improve your complexes appearance and boost property values. Having a proactive strata company that is willing to go over and above the minimum requirements can often yield huge benefits and make up for slightly strata fees for organisations that can add value. 

Finding the right strata company to manage your strata complex can be a great way to reduce stress on the tenant body and keep the building looking and feeling great for residents. Asking the right questions during the interview process can help you find a strata company that increases property value and proactively manages issues in your complex.