In Australia, many couples like to take advantage of the hot weather and have their wedding in the warmer weather. Here are a few items to put on your wedding must-hire list to ensure that your guests and wedding party stay comfortable throughout your special day.  

Beverage fountains

A beverage fountain not only looks great, but it is a great way for guests to serve themselves cool drinks throughout the day as the drinks are constantly recirculating and refilling to keep a great temperature. They also provide a naturally cooling effect on a hot day, both through the convection of cool fluids and the psychological effect of having running water close by.  Some people like to have a fountain of an alcoholic beverage, such as sparkling wine or champagne, but lemonade or even soda water can be just as effective (or why not both!). These fountains can be hired from most wedding hire stores and also look great in photos. 

Umbrellas and pergolas

If the day is really warm, having some shade on hand, such as parasols, can stop your guests from burning and keep everyone as cool as possible. Parasols can be very useful for people in the crowd, while a pergola can keep a group of people cool. Wedding hire stores often have pergolas in wedding colours and can often even hire parasols and personal umbrellas in colours that match your wedding colours. Again, these are a very effective prop in wedding pictures in addition to keeping your guests and wedding party cool. 


If you are having an outdoor wedding it can be very hot all day and even into the night. In order to help people cool down, it can be useful to have some hand fans that you give out as bonbonnieres to keep air moving. However you may want some additional cooling power, especially for the bride and groom who will be in lots of photos and who generally prefer not to look red-faced and sweaty. You can hire portable air conditioning units and fans that can provide some additional cooling and help keep everyone feeling as calm and cool as possible on the big day. 

If you are having a wedding in the warm weather, it is worth planning ahead and hiring some attractive and simple items to help keep your wedding guests cool and happy through the ceremony and reception. Most wedding hire companies will have some options that can help enhance your hot weather wedding.