Your small business may have a filtered water cooler for your employees or customers. These water coolers use water filters that can be incredibly costly and strike a budget hard, especially if the budget is tight. If you are looking for ways to cut corners, you may consider getting a cheaper replacement filter. Before you do, consider the misconceptions about replacement filters and why you should consider sticking with the manufacturer approved options instead.

All Filters are the Same

The first misconception about replacement water filters for a filtered water cooler is that they are all the same. The truth is, they are not. The manufacturer uses a filter that is designed specifically for their water cooler. It has a specified amount of charcoal for filtration and a lining that works with the water cooler, and it is designed to allow the water cooler to operate without blockages and with an adequate water flow. Cheaper options and budget filters may not work the same way and may not filter to the same level as the one that is made for your water cooler.

Filtration Levels are the Same

There is a misconception that the filtration level of a filtered water cooler filter is mandated somehow. This misconception is based on a theory that the amount of charcoal, or type of filtration, must meet some kind of government standard. The truth is, there isn't a mandate for the actual filtration of the filter. Any rulings or mandates relate to the build or items used, like the plastic container if it is a cartridge. Budget filters may contain less charcoal, other filtration materials besides charcoal or layers of padding while the manufacturer's recommended filter contains the appropriate amount for that specific water cooler.

You Only Need the Make and Model

There is another misconception about filters specifically pertaining to the purchase of the filter. This misconception is that all you need is the make and model of your water cooler to find the right filter. The truth is, most off brand filters may use this as a guideline but that make and model falls in line with multiple other coolers. You may find that the other makes and models that are grouped with yours aren't even the same style. This means the filter may or may not fit appropriately and could cause issues in filtration or function.

With all of this information in mind, you may be able to see why going with the manufacturer recommendations can save you money and give you the proper filter as opposed to generic options. If you aren't sure which filter to purchase for your filtered water cooler, consider contacting the manufacturer to help locate the right filter and place your order.