A truck-mounted attenuator (TMA) is designed to protect road workers during the maintenance and construction of road surfaces, road signs and road markings. However, many TMAs also have additional features and modifications that enhance the safety of road crews. Below is a guide to features you should consider if you are about to buy or rent a TMA for your business.

Over-Cab Racks

Some truck-mounted attenuators feature a rack system that is fitted above the cab of the truck. This rack system allows for the safe storage of materials and provides an alternative space to the truck deck. If construction materials are stored on the deck of the truck, an impact caused by another driver hitting the back of the TMA may turn these items into deadly projectiles. However, if the materials are stored in the rack, this will help to remove this potential hazard.

Air Brakes

Truck-Mounted Attenuators will be fitted with either air brakes or hydraulic brakes. If you are looking to rent or buy a TMA, you should look for one with air brakes. Studies have found that air brakes can provide superior brake power compared to standard hydraulic brakes. This will reduce the likelihood that the TMA will be pushed forward if the brakes are applied when the truck is struck from behind.

A Bar on the Man Bucket

TMAs are fitted with a man bucket, and that allows a worker to lean over the side of the truck while it is in motion to lay down or collect traffic cones. The man bucket is normally fitted with a chain to prevent the worker from falling out of the bucket into the road. However, modified TMAs feature a lean bar rather than a chain. A fixed bar provides much better protection, as the worker can lean against it when working, whereas a chain will move when pressure it applied to it.

A Rear Camera

TMAs offer limited visibility to the driver during a reversing manoeuvre. This limited view can place other road workers and structures at risk when the TMA is backing up on the roadway. Some TMAs are fitted with cameras on the rear, which transmit live pictures to a screen in the driver's cab, allowing the driver to reverse safely, reducing the chance of an accident.

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